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SOOO, I finished my hair and skin class last night.. And thought I would share my thoughts on it with you.. 🙂


Before I bought the class, I was thinking a loong time about it, is it worth it? Can I spend that money on one class? And I watched a lot of youtube and googled, but it was so time consuming and I never really felt that I learned the basics..

So one day, I just DID IT..

I bought the Hair and skin class, and was blown away. Here, right in front of me, I had EVERYTHING i needed. No more looking for the right explanations. You start with the basic, shading and shadows.. and from there, all I can say is WOW. The depth of the tutorials and the videos to show you as you learn to find your way trough the challenges.. Yes, there are challenges, NO you don’t magically learn to color after ONE video. But Alyce helps you all the way, guiding you when you feel stuck or that this isn’t working. She has a special capability to get you to see the positive in your work. and helps you to work with the challenges.

I was really struggling with negative thoughts about my coloring, until I understood that it wasn’t learning to color like Alyce I was aiming for. No, I was learning to color like ME. I was finding MY style and MY way to feel happy and satisfied with what I was doing. And THAT is what you learn in class. I have to say, I have bought my next class and my third one.. 😉 And even after completing ONE class, you still learn with the other ones. SO …. all I can say.. is I have NO REGRETS about buying this. I say to you.. GO FOR IT. Give yourself the chance to learn to be happy with your coloring. I am truly in a happy place when it comes to my coloring now. And here are my before and after photos. 🙂

From flat, to WOW.. (at least in my eyes, and that is all that matters for me;) )



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